Stablecoins: The Future of Money?


Tony Sagami

No question, cryptocurrencies are one of the most volatile assets you can own. But a new hybrid breed of cryptocurrencies, called “stablecoins,” attempts to narrow the gap between traditional instruments of cash and digital currencies.

Stablecoins were one of the hottest topics of the cryptocurrency conference that I just attended and one of the newest developments in the fast-moving crypto marketplace.

One of the issues with cryptocurrencies as a medium of payment is that the value of your cryptocurrency can vary widely — up or down — by the time a transaction is settled.

Stablecoins, rather than floating freely on the market, are pegged to stable, real-world assets — like gold or U.S. dollars. For example, buyers/sellers can exchange one dollar for one stablecoin, which they can later redeem for one dollar. The end result is the near elimination of the wild price swings in the cryptocurrency market.

Notice that I said “near” elimination, not the complete elimination, of volatility.

Stablecoins are an attempt to get the best of both worlds: The low volatility of fiat currencies with the vast advantages of digital currencies. There are over 100 stablecoins to choose from, with a total market value of $3 billion.

The most popular stablecoin is Tether, which has been around since 2001. Tether is backed one-for-one with a U.S. dollar, and accounts for 93% of the stable coin market value.

Stablecoins seem to have settled into a trading range of plus/minus 20% of $1 per coin. In the cryptocurrency world, a 20% trading range is quite tame and what I mean by the “near elimination” of volatility. Heck, as you know, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can move by 20% in a matter of hours.

Even more stablecoin choices are coming. Last month, Goldman Sachs announced a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to create the “USD Coin.”

There is no question in my mind that we are entering a new era of digital currencies. And Tether, with its first-mover advantage, is a worthy cryptocurrency consideration if you value stability over opportunity.

Stablecoins have the potential to expand the cryptocurrency user base by making them suitable for everyday shopping needs and creating an invaluable link between digital coins and fiat currencies.

That’s good for the entire cryptocurrency industry. And it’s especially positive for the behind-the-scenes companies that are building the blockchain infrastructure that makes stablecoins work.

Many of those companies are already publicly traded and can be tucked away in your IRA, 401(k) or brokerage account for gigantic gains.

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B Ross December 10, 2018

I cannot attend but I hope you are able to make a transcript available to us…

MJ December 10, 2018

You do not mention that Tether is fraud and high risk. This is irresponsible from a company (Weiss) that aims to promote quality information.

JMAC December 11, 2018

Seriously TETHER have you actually done any research behind this coin there’s never been a credible audit of the dollar holdings! TRUEUSD seems better audited and100% redeemable all held with third party independent of coin insured and audited every week.

Donna Bournes December 11, 2018

How to purchase Cryptocurrency in Trinidad and Tobago

james zawaski December 11, 2018

Message two – Juan says no stable coins but Tony says its a good idea. Tony pedals products not related to crypto portfolio. Can Tony and Juan get insync please.