Our Crypto Forecasts for 2019 and Beyond

By: Juan M. Villaverde

2017 was a great year for cryptocurrency investors.

2018 was a disaster.

Now, what about 2019?

Before we provide our answers, all investors should be aware that 2018 was a disaster only in terms of market price declines. In terms of the fundamental underpinnings of the space, it was also the year of major progress.

Hashgraph, an innovative approach that takes us beyond blockchain, was developed.

Holochain, also based on a non-blockchain approach, was introduced to the world.

Bitcoin launched its Lightning Network to help speed up transactions.

The EOS Mainnet was introduced, promptly enjoying a remarkable surge in adoption metrics.

And investors finally recognized the extremely poor protections that utility tokens provide, also a positive change for the underlying health of the market.

We call that good progress, not a disaster.

Looking ahead to 2019, our analysis is based on two models:

  • Our cycles model that helps estimate the timing of major market trends, and
  • Our ratings model, which identifies the coins with the strongest combination of risk, reward, technology and adoption.

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Each model is driven by tens of thousands of data points analyzed weekly. And both come together to support seven forecasts for 2019 and beyond …

Forecast #1
Bitcoin will be increasingly used as a store of value.

Bitcoin costs virtually nothing to store. It’s extremely efficient to transport. It’s secure. And it cannot be confiscated by any government.

No other asset provides that combination of properties. And consequently, no other asset can currently compete with Bitcoin as a store of value.

Result: Bitcoin is on its way to becoming a veritable digital gold.

Forecast #2
The price of Bitcoin will rise again and head for new all-time highs.

Through 2015, Bitcoin had suffered four bear markets with declines of 70% or more.

Each time, the so-called “experts” wrote its obituary. But each time, Bitcoin recovered and embarked on a new bull market that delivered average gains of 6,300% from bottom to peak.

Then, last year, we witnessed Bitcoin’s fifth major bear market. And again, experts came out of the woodwork to declare that “Bitcoin is dead.”

What few people recognize is that, thanks to the 2018 price declines, most of the weakest hands in the market have departed. Meanwhile, stronger diehard believers have held firm or even accumulated more Bitcoin.

Distributed Ledger Technology has continued to advance, as major progress was made in fixing known deficiencies in first-generation cryptos.

Among select coins, adoption has improved dramatically.

And overall, the groundwork was laid for a new bull market.

Result: In 2019, much as it did after prior bear markets, Bitcoin will again rise up and head for new all-time highs.

Forecast #3
Select altcoins will rise from relative obscurity to as much as 20 times their previous all-time highs.

Altcoins are typically less well-known and less liquid. But among them, a select few with superior technology will get traction in the real world with increasing adoption. They will ultimately return to their all-time highs. And some could rise a lot further — to as much as 20 times their prior peaks.

Forecast #4
A select group of cryptos will compete to build a new kind of internet.

Coins like EOS, Cardano, Holochain and others are currently leading the charge to create Internet 3.0 — a more secure and more sustainable worldwide web.

Other cryptos are in the wings and not yet even on the market. Meanwhile, many me-too competitors are also jumping into this space.

Most will eventually fail. But the potential prize is enormous. If the most advanced cryptocurrencies succeed in creating Internet 3.0 as proposed, they could someday be worth trillions of dollars in market cap.

Forecast #5
Another select group of cryptocurrencies will disrupt the world of banking.

Bitcoin was created to be a new kind of digital payment network, but has so far failed to achieve that goal.

Meanwhile, however, Ripple’s XRP and Stellar are rising to the challenge. They have the potential to disrupt financial markets, remittances, wire transfers and much more.

Ripple’s XRP, in particular, is aiming to disrupt SWIFT, the giant payments network of the global banking system. If it can manage to chip away at SWIFT’s market share and even replace it in some areas, there’s a chance that XRP could eventually become the world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency.

Forecast #6
Bitcoin me-too coins will fade away.

Many cryptocurrencies are going to disappear for the simple reason that they bring virtually nothing new to the table.

Even among the top 10 by market cap, several fit this description, including Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Litecoin.

There’s no innovative use case for them. They’re likely to fade away over time.

Forecast #7

New coins will rocket to the top 10.

New coins like Holochain, Hedera Hashgraph and others, although still relatively obscure today, will burst onto the scene and could rocket to the top 10 by market cap.

These are non-blockchain distributed ledger projects that could become the new trust layer of the internet. As such, their tokens could rise in value more rapidly than those of their blockchain competitors.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!


Comments 36

Joaquin Jimenez January 3, 2019

Thanks a lot Juan, for your free report…I am really to get the EOY 2019 and confirm most of your forecast, in which, I really believe…By then, I expect to have enough to join Weiss team as customer and make big profits with your help…Thanks again

sam i am reply_all Joaquin Jimenez January 7, 2019

Buy XRP it will be $25,000 EOY trust be the bears and my friends

Richard Anthony January 3, 2019

Liked the article but seems to me that “Fed Coin” will be created which may push most all others
to sidelines. The Banksters won’t want to give up their power and combined with “Big Brother”
will make it happen.

“Assuming” that takes place…What exactly would your “altered” recommendations be??
Thanks For Listening,
Richard Anthony
PS=still haven’t rec’d free coins…

dennis king January 3, 2019

Hedera Hashgraph is closed for trading. Does that mean they are out of business??

Daniel reply_all dennis king January 13, 2019

no mate they havent released a coin yet according to there website an ico of some kind is on the way

John Calder January 3, 2019

Can you please send the link to your current ratings listing with current pricing against the list.

Robert January 3, 2019

1. EOS management contains members whose past includes time in jail. It is centrally controlled and not a distributed crypto.

2. XRP is centrally controlled by the same banksters who currently control us and also not a distributed crypto. Why should we trust those who have “legally” stolen funds from us.

John Calder January 3, 2019

Can you please provide the link to your latest ratings chart with current crypto currency prices.

brett January 3, 2019

Why do you not talk about Tezos? Have you researched it? If so, can you let us know your thoughts. I own some and receive 5% ROI for simply holding Tezos on my Ledger. Seems like more people should be talking about it.

Bob Schubring January 3, 2019

One product waiting in the wings for discovery is the novel. Unify cryptocurrency, described more fully in the company’s white paper at http://unify.earth for those curious. Unify devised a unique solution to the legal problems made infamous by the Mt Gox Exchange looting and bankruptcy: Ir is organized around 50 independently-owned Master Nodes, that perform most of the functions of an Exchange. What makes the concept promising, is the extreme unlikelihood that 48 Master Node owners would agree to collude with the 49th and lose money, in order that the 49th could rip off the 50th Master Node. Overcoming this Centralization problem that struck Bitcoin in the early going, leaves a truly-decentralized cryptocurrency with a meaningful audit trail.

Interestingly the founders of Unify incorporated a holding company in Grand Bahama to operate the venture. While they prepare to go live, they’ve been reaching out to lawyers and legislators in The Bahamas and in the other CARICOM nations, seeking creation of.a Model Blockchain Law that would come into play when contractual disputes over such matters as hard forks, fraud allegations, etc., arise. This seems counter-intuitive, as anything the Unify company do to improve regulation of blockchain markets, will benefit competing Blockchains as well as their own.. What potentially makes this a winning strategy, is the fact that Unify is starting with a blank slate. Their system of Master Nodes will operate in full compliance with the regulatory laws from Day One, whilst competing cryptos must either learn to follow the regulatory regime that develops in the CARICOM nations, or abandon that market and operate elsewhere.

In Satoshi Nakamoto’s publications on Bitcoin, he/they promised to write a Protocol for correcting errors that arise in Bitcoin. Bitcoin went live. The Protocol was never released. Mt Gox Exchange sold itself as a convenient one-stop financial center that could hold and exchange Bitcoins,, without the necessity of distributed mining and accounting architecture and without a formal error correction protocol. The net result was multiple hard forks of Bitcoin, muttiple of what Juan calls “,me-too” versions of Bitcoin, and one very ugly case of embezzlement whose alleged perpetrator is somewhere in Ukraine and cannot be served legal paper nor summoned into court to tell his side of the story of how roughly $1 billion worth of Bitcoins vanished from Mt Gox and landed somewhere. Trying to operate a cryptocurrency with no regulatory system at all, invited precisely the moral hazards of centralization, that Bitcoin was intended to prevent.

I hope that the Model Blockchain Law being developed in the CARICOM nations, will accomplish what Bitcoin failed to achieve: Orderly markets that operate free of fraud. We will have the Unify founders to thank for those regulatory efforts, whether Unify is a commercial success, or not. Laws governing how a court will settle disputes over Blockchain ownership, are a significant step towards truly competitive currency markets. In 3-space, real property only has one owner at a time. I cannot buy a house unless someone else sells the house. In cyberspace, that same uniqueness Is absolutely essential for properties being sold. There cannot be 793 me-too Bitcoin copies, all pretending to have equal value, without eroding the utility of Bitcoin as a store of value. I agree with Juan’s prediction: The Bitcoin look-alikes will lose their utility and their value, as more of the blockchain market becomes regulated at the national level.

Lynton January 3, 2019

Juan, your research is good and you deserve full kudos for explicitly laying down your predictions. With due respect, however, I disagree with your prediction that another bubble will occur this year. The problem as you know remains with the blatant market manipulators and the Tether mob. Until these crooked elements are washed out, the smart money will keep away from crypto markets. The manipulators battled to hold the floor at USD6K/BTC and now they’re battling to hold it at USD3K. When the next scandal becomes public, BTC will drop to USD1.5K. I’m sorry to bring you bad news, but I see more pain to come.

Eliahou Kahen January 4, 2019

Thank you so much for your excellent services and rendering the best possible knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency to your members. Weiss rating is very honest to their member
and always give them the latest information of the crypto market in the world.

I am looking to find out which platform carry Hashgraph,please advise.


mark vasquez January 4, 2019

Thank you for your forecasts. They are positive for the cryptocurrency space with some surprise inclusions ie Litecoin fading away. And thanks for tipping us on the up and coming assets that will emerge.
Ive taken notes.
And Happy New Year!

Warren Smith January 4, 2019

Please don’t forget ETN; Electroneum!!

D. Pop January 4, 2019

To:Juan M. Villaverde, questions

What is this, Hedera Hashgraph.
What is if any Symbol this does has.If has a symbol than why is not in http://www.coinmarketcap.com
Where to buy this and How to do it.
Is this only ICO now or what.

Best Regards,
D. Pop

Richard A Stephenson January 5, 2019

I understand that ICE, the owner of the NYSE and others are going to setup a system of custodial care, on 24 Jan.
Starbucks has the most digital payer customers over Apple pay and Google pay. They are part of the rollout. So is Microsoft and bitcoins are being bought for some unknown reason for the system but once the system goes live, the bitcoin prices should go up substantially, if not already up. The others are not mentioned. So buying bitcoin now rather than the penny coins seems a good move. Am I missing something? Once past the major buying would be the time to buy the others or all right now if I can find their markets. If we wait till the 24th we could buy them through the NYSE system. Fidelity was mentioned too but not sure if or how they fit.

Colton Brummel January 5, 2019

Imagine not being balls deep in $DP 😉

IT Support Dallas January 6, 2019

This is really serious, you are an extremely qualified writer. I have signed up with your feed and will additionally enjoy to find your personal wonderful writing. Eventually, we’ve shared our social network on your web blog.

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chris shields January 7, 2019

you seem to be pushing Holochain awfully hard, and ignoring Elastos. I assume that the Holochain “PR” budget did its job.

Gilbert Dorsinville January 7, 2019

Good day,

Thank you for this report, it hepls as a guide for investments potentials.

One thing, that I would like to point out, when you refer to Ripple’s XRP, it can confuse people in their understanding. XRP ledger and crypto asset is not Ripple’s possession. XRP stands on it’s own on the XRP ledger (which is an open source blockchain). Ripple is one of the major drivers spearheading the adoption of the technology.We just need to be able to distinguish the two eventhough they are intertwined..

Best regards

John January 7, 2019

I am in total agreement.

Isa January 7, 2019

How can you participate in the ICOs of the new non blockchain distributed ledger projects

XminD reply_all Isa January 8, 2019

One project I know is LDL. Liquid Distributed Ledger (liquid.com). But ico was long time ago. You can buy the QASH token, which will be the future LDL.
Atm you get QASH for little money…

Burke Corbet January 7, 2019

Juan, as a subscriber I appreciate your analysis and recommendations, but please confirm that my subscription
will NOT be automatically renewed when it expires. I am interested but at 85 am too old to be investing in this
volatile segment of the market.

reply_all Burke Corbet January 9, 2019

Please contact our customer service team and they can adjust your subscription accordingly. 877-934-7778. Thank you

sam i am January 7, 2019

XRP will be $25,000 EOY I have inside knowledge and follow me on twitter @HamEggsn

Roberto Clerc January 8, 2019

Hola Juan,
Me llama la atención que no incluyes en tus comentarios al proyecto TRON (TRX) que desde la puesta en marcha de su main network ha ido creciendo rápidamente en usuarios y desarrollo de dApps (sobre todo en el campo de juegos), no crees que sea un proyecto con un brillante futuro?
Gracias por todos tus comentarios y análisis y feliz año para ti y todo tu equipo.

Glenn January 8, 2019

You obviously forgot or just ignore the cost of mining, so
Forecast #6 is possibly correct with the childish infighting ‘tantrum coins’, however your dead wrong on Litecoin it only cost $12 to mine and ‘Just works’. The best thing for Litecoin to do is no upgrades, no hard forks, no infighting, just keep churning along, by next year its lighting network will have 1000’s of nodes and be processing tons of small ‘coffee’ sized transactions. As it is also immune to 51% attacks will might float up past the other clones in value but wont surge to 20X.
Forecast #7 I hope so, it sounds optimistic for 5 years, but not one year.
Keep up the good research I enjoy reading.

Aadesh January 9, 2019

I want to purchase the recent offer but there is some error while I try to purchase it. Can u guide me to make the purchase.

reply_all Aadesh January 10, 2019

Hello, someone from our customer service team will contact you soon. Or you can call them, 877-934-7778. Thank you for your interest.

Nasib Mahmoud Thabet February 3, 2019

Hello Juan,
I wanted to personally thank you for the great content you have been providing. I have to tell you, at first (a few months back) I was really questioning the information that WEISS Cryptocurrency Rating was putting out. But, now!! You guys are right on……

Keep up the great work!

Jason Varner February 8, 2019

I want to login to my account that I have with you. Thank you

Rachel T reply_all Jason Varner February 8, 2019

Hello,Jason. Someone from our customer service team will contact you about this. Thanks

Glenn Weeks February 11, 2019

Juan: Will IOTA have a future with its relatively new technology?

Glenn Weeks

A Prospective XY Investor February 13, 2019

We’re all seeing/hearing a tremendous amount online (social media ads) about a tiny San Diego based company called XY Oracle Network (XYO). Are you tracking this sub penny ERC20 token (currently ranked 159 on CoinMarketCap)? Would love to get your take on it’s claim of disrupting the world of location data currently dominated by GPS with no backup–especially none that writes to the blockchain. Currently trading at .0027, a tempting discount to the penny, if there’s anything to the company. Thanks!

ersell February 26, 2019

What is your expectations about another blockchain alternative Tangle IOTA?