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Martin Weiss

Whenever possible, I like to deliver more than promised. So instead of two exclusive lists, I am giving you three.

All three are available below for your immediate reference.

Review them at your leisure. Then be sure to join me online on November 27 at 2PM. That’s when I will give you my strategy for using these ratings to get the most profits out of cryptocurrencies with the least risk.

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But first, let me explain the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings — the grades that make our lists so unique: Our ratings are generated by four separate computer models, each designed with a unique purpose:

  1. Our technology model focuses on the blockchain technology to evaluate its potential for performance: What kind of speeds could it run at? How would it scale? How advanced is its governance? How does it deal with energy consumption? Can smart contracts be used on the ledger? How flexibly can it be upgraded? What other unique features does it have?

    Mobile phone technology provides a good metaphor — like comparing specs on speed (e.g., 4G vs. 5G), screen resolution, battery life, and so on.

  2. Our adoption model measures performance in the real world. What are the actual transaction speeds and costs? How decentralized is the network? How big is the developer community? How popular is the project? Are people using it? And much more.

  3. Our investment risk model evaluates volatility and downside price risk. Essentially, it seeks to answer the question: “How much money can I lose?” And …
  4. Our investment reward model deals with the upside potential — “How much money can I make?”

Combining the results of all four models, we arrive at a final grade, from “A” to “E.”

Any grade of “B-” or better is the equivalent of a “Buy.”

“D+” or lower is “sell.”

And “C” implies no action — “hold” if you already own it; “avoid” if you don’t.

Three Exclusive Lists

The first list below gives you the names, symbols and Weiss Ratings of 20 cryptocurrencies that get our lowest ratings.

The second list focuses on the ten cryptocurrencies at the top of our rankings. Due mostly to the recent vagaries of the market, not all are “Buys.”

If you want to dig deeper, check out the last list. It not only gives you the ratings on ALL the cryptocurrencies we cover, but also provides some background information on each, all explained at the end of the report.

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