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The Motley Fool

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Crypto Daily Gazette

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“I welcome that you are now part of the industry bringing along your analytical mind and fearlessness. Welcome and bravo! It takes a great mind to do what you did in the industry albeit controversial.”
— Udigwe C.

“To all the doubters on here who feel they’ve missed out … blockchain technology is not going away. It’s going to change the way industry functions by making everything both more transparent and at the same time more decentralized.

“There are plenty [of cryptocurrencies] that do have amazing teams and revolutionary decentralized technology, growing communities and a clear roadmap. These are the ones that are changing the world for the better.”
— Allan

“Weiss’s record is so good compared with that of his competitors ... consumers need look no further.”
Worth Magazine

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— Tom A.

“Thanks to [your] sound financial advice and some fortunate investment choices, my original $352,000 in my 401K is now worth $2,171,000.”
— John D.

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— New York Times

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— RC

“The only one who rates with no conflicts of interest.”
Esquire Magazine

“You saved me and my father a lot of money back in 1999 and in 2008 by warning us of the cesspool banks and companies that were ready to implode…it’s nice to see you are looking into crypto now…look forward to following your research and grades”
— Shawn

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