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Dear Friends,

Wow! What a day! After a cyberattack last night, we’re seeing a barrage of criticism on the Web, especially from disappointed Bitcoin and Ripple fans.

Understood! Many see strictly our letter grades and not our logic behind them. Others misunderstand our primary goal: To help investors reduce risk and find the coins with the most upside potential. That means we not only consider fundamentals like adoption and history, but also investor risk-and- reward metrics based on price action.

Some prime examples:

Why don’t we give Bitcoin an A? Actually, thanks to Bitcoins strong adoption, brand, and security, it does merit an A … but only on our Fundamental Index.

Problem: That’s just one of our four major metrics. Meanwhile, Bitcoin falls short in two other important areas: Our Risk Index, reflecting extreme price volatility and our Technology Index, reflecting Bitcoin’s weaknesses in  governance, energy consumption and scalability. As soon as the metrics on these improve, an upgrade for Bitcoin is likely.

Why doesn’t Ripple get a higher grade? Like Bitcoin, it gets an A for fundamentals, but it scores poorly on our Risk Index due to repeated price crashes. Its Technology Index gets clipped due to heavy centralization and control by its creators.

How come Dogecoin is rated on par with the likes of Ripple? This is indeed surprising. But the numbers are the numbers, and they include surprising facts: Dogecoin’s usage is greater than that of Bitcoin Cash. Its usage is also greater than that of Dash and ZCash combined. Of course, that alone is not enough to bump it up above a C. But it certainly does pull it up from the D range.

Thank you very much for your input! We take it very seriously. After all, ratings are not a science. They are, and always will be, a work in progress.

The Weiss Ratings Team

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Yuthana January 24, 2018

Tyank you

Jimmy January 24, 2018

If you would have checked more carefully you would have seen that there is Ardor, the evolution on NXT that solves scalability and is Proof of stake, it’s packed with features and is very cheap compared to the competition. It would have taken an A+ Accordingly to your metrics. But it was completely forgotten. Shame.

Mirko reply_all Jimmy January 25, 2018

I agree. Ardr is one of the best promising candidates.
Study and rate this cripto please!

Nuno costa January 24, 2018

XRP with heavy centralization?
Did you read the Ripple Faq?
5. Is the XRP Ledger centralized?
This is a top misconception with the XRP Ledger. Centralization implies that a single entity controls the Ledger. While Ripple contributes to the open-source code of the XRP Ledger, we don’t own, control, or administer the XRP Ledger. The XRP Ledger is decentralized. If Ripple ceased to exist, the XRP Ledger would continue to exist.

Ripple has an interest in supporting the XRP Ledger for several reasons, including contributing to the longer-term strategy to encourage the use of XRP as a liquidity tool for financial institutions. Decentralization of the XRP Ledger is an ongoing process that started right at its inception.

Do your homework before make this kind of reports without consistency and correct justification for the rates.


Alex R. January 24, 2018

“Bitcoin falls short in… our Technology Index, reflecting Bitcoin’s weaknesses in governance, energy consumption and scalability.”

This shows a deep fundamental lack of understanding about what gives Bitcoin value or a use case. It is exactly the lack of governance that gives any blockchain technology a reason to exist. If you require governance, you should use a much more efficient technology, such as SQL, and have a hierarchical product / dev team similar to a private company. Now we’ve just recreated the currently existing banking system.

Sven Meyer January 24, 2018

Bitcoin was a great breakthrough and delivered a great secure proof-of-concept for a working crypto currency, but even after years of development it does not scale, the whole governace process does not work (after 2 years of discussion a fork which would have improved transaction speed only a little bit was called), transaction times and cost are so prohibitively high that Bitcoin can not serve it’s initial purpose.

If Bitcoin would have received anything more than a C in this rating, I would have questioned the professionality of the rating agency.

Cryptoguy January 24, 2018

why you guys didnt checked IOTA out?

L0ckeandDemosthenes January 24, 2018

With all due respect, Stellar Xlm is atleast a B+ on its worst day. It shares the same developer who created ripple and is not centralized like ripple so that alone should garner an upgrade from a C. The IBM partnership is a strong indicator of it’s business practices and team.

It’s scaling is above Ethereums to the point that ICOs have recently been migrating to the Stellar platform because eth does not meet the same scalability needs that Stellar does. So Eth has a B and this also puts Stellar on the same level which is another reasons for the upgrade.

Your metrics are phenominal and a grading scale we need in this space, but we also have to keep in mind that your understanding of every coin may not be up to speed. That is ok, but we hope get the chance to further examine.

Hanel January 24, 2018

Ripple is not “heavily” centralized. It’s not the most decentralized, but if you look at Bitcoin more than 50% of its network is controlled by 5 mining pools. How is Bitcoin much better?

Mangone January 24, 2018

Why didn’t you examined at least all of the top 10 coins? I think coins like Megacoin is not such important as Modum or IOTA?

Drew R. January 24, 2018

Downgrading XRP due to repeated price crashes? Are price crashes why none got an ‘A’? Singling out XRP for this reason seems absurd.

Tom January 24, 2018

Most Ripple crashes happen when most coins ‘crash’ and being ‘centralized’ isn’t necessarily bad. What is bad is high fees and transactions that take minutes or hours. I hope that in a follow up report enough focus will go to usability instead of to some theoretic ideal unrealistic world.

Justin Schlee January 24, 2018

You do realize when you say that the Ripple price swings up and down alot you are forgetting about every other coin that lost 50% or more in the recent crash? ADA hit a $1.30 and dropped down more than 50%. Ripple dropped yes, but it has huge momentum and major partners like MoneyGram???? The market crashed not just ripple and Bitcoin????

Nicolas January 24, 2018

Thanks for the explanation. makes sense.

JEAN-MARC WATSON January 24, 2018

All coins “crashed” and since the “crash” XRP has actually shown remarkable stability. Just for reference during the same “crash” ETH lost one third of its value in under 2 hours but still got rate a B? Go figure?

JEAN-MARC WATSON January 24, 2018

Also, the whole decentralized vs centralized discussion is fairly moot as XRP is already into phase 2 of a decentralization evolution of the technology. Since when did being decentralized have anything to do with people making money? The market cap of XRP reflects this.

Bob Fahy January 24, 2018

I can understand your approach and your conservative ratings. You certainly don’t want to mislead. On the flip side, when one or two of your “C” or “ D” rated coins becomes very successful your tacit recommendations won’t serve you well in terms of future credibility.

Tristen Van Der Horst January 24, 2018

The reason why your recieving so much hate for ripple is because your facts are wrong. Ripple xrp ledger isn’t centralised. And price crashes?? The only big price crashes it’s had is when the whole market experienced the same effect. I fear you haven’t taken into account the actual real world use case and MASSIVE partnerships ripple has and partnerships soon to be released. There’s three situations that have played out here. 1. You haven’t done your research. 2. You have done your research but are most certainly biased against ripple. Or 3. You have done your research but are severely lacking in the common sense and or intelligence. Very disappointed. Your judgement and reasoning is just not good enough here. Unacceptable.

JEAN-MARC WATSON January 24, 2018

Another thing. Have you even read the statement made by Cuallix about the percentage improvement to their bottom-line? It stated a 1000% improvement and that’s from real empirical data. How is it possible they did so badly on your technology index? There are so many questions that arise from your methods and observations. Don’t get me wrong, I own Bitcoin and I agree with that rating but like most XRP owners, your valuation simply not realistic.

On another note, where is TRX?

andy January 24, 2018

Why does dogecoin get a C base rating? It’s better than almost all other coins.

Joe Makhobsin reply_all andy January 25, 2018

It isn’t just one of the best coins. It is the best coin.

Steve Lincoln reply_all andy January 25, 2018

You do realize that the dev team for DOGE has done absolutely nothing with the coin in about the past 2 years right? No security updates, no new innovation, no new… Anything.. Even the Head Honcho of DOGE could not believe that it’s actually maintaining the spot that it has on CMC. It’s a Billion dollar company with no one behind the wheel…. I’m expecting to hear DOGE will be the victim of a Cyber Attack by the end of 2018.

Crypto Couple January 24, 2018

Hi (probably very busy) people of Weiss Ratings,
we are a couple of diversified crypto investors who trade/buy in the US and Europe. So we read it all with great interest and not a strong bias. We hold from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Ripple and from Dogecoin and Verge to Tron and others. We encourage objective ratings and regulation that makes this wonderful blockchain technology and its crypto token market blossom. Yay for innovation.
We also agree with most of your ratings, but one had us baffled. Ripple. We rate coins ourselves for their risk, potential (technology), governance, etc. We looked at your arguments and agree on risk (volatility), but totally disagree on your other points. The governance (just an excellent company), marketing, rapidly growing market adoption because of its technological excellence (speed/costs/etc) and a clearly set path of decentralization (a growing network of validators). Ripple is a gem in crypto land. We call it our “safe” coin, compared to the cowboy coins we also give a chance in the name of embracing innovation.
How many times per year do you review? Please look at Ripple again. We love all our 14 tokens, but that one is the gem.
Kind regards,
Crypto Couple from US/Netherlands

Steve January 24, 2018

Can you please list the 4 Index scores for each coin?
That will make things easier for people to understand why the overall rating.


Richard Hughes January 24, 2018

I think you may need to check your facts regarding Ripples centralisation and control of the XRP ledger, your assumptions seem to be based on incorrect information that is often regurgitated by journalists who have done no research of their own.

Yonatan January 24, 2018

Good of you to shed some light on this. The document most of us got to see was just a long list of letter grades and dry, well known stats like market cap and ranges. In stocks rating, the basics of the rating models are disclosed (S&P, Zacks…) because without them the rates are meaningless. I think you cut XRP way short on the tech side – centralisation (which is a debatable definition in XRP but I get your point) is not an indication of inferior tech – tech index is supposed to measure the quality of the tech in emplemeting what the product is meant to provide, not an extrinsic idea of what other products are meant to do. You’ll have a hard time showing that XRP tech fails in comparison to any other coin. If anything, the fact XRP has an official powerhouse behind it gives assurance to the amount of R&D, support and maintainanc capital allocated to it, as opposed to a bunch of who-knows-whos developer with limited skin in the game as in most other coins.

As for volatility – you are rating young and volatile assets in nature – what was the benchmark? Standard deviation alone with no reference is barely meaningful unless you’re an options trader. Crypto volatility must be measured against that of some well weighted crypto benchmark index.

Michael January 24, 2018

This is really cool! Is there any way to see the score break down for each individual coin?

Stuart H January 24, 2018

I can appreciate your logic, and am familiar with your service after years in the Insurance and Finance industry. However, the repeated market crashes you attribute to Ripple’s downgrading were actually initiated by a market panic set off by a 31 year old kid in his apartment that runs Coinmarketcap. He took the major Korean exchanges off of his listing without giving a heads up ahead of time, dropping 100 billion in market cap and sinking prices and a panic sell ensued. Completely foreseeable…and reckless. Many coins that had at least 30 or 40 percent of their market in Asia and Korea like Ripple never really ever recovered from that. You cannot punish a coin for being the victim of a manufactured crash limited to Jan of 2018. Google the WSJ article on how a 31 year old guy took down the crypto market in Jan. Article published yesterday. Also there are Bitcoin futures out due to expire on the 26th. Wall Street is short on Bitcoin and other cryptos.

VT January 24, 2018

” Like Bitcoin, it gets an A for fundamentals, but it scores poorly on our Risk Index due to repeated price crashes. Its Technology Index gets clipped due to heavy centralization and control by its creators” -unprofessional, bias and corny!

p.s. Ripple fell only once in its history and at the same time as all others.

Ricky January 24, 2018

“reflecting Bitcoin’s weaknesses in” ” energy consumption”. This is actually an indication of Bitcoin’s strength.
For anyone that does not understand why bitcoin consumes so much power it is not because that much power is required to produce 1 block every 10 minutes. Bitcoin has a difficulty algorithm so it averages 1 block every 10 minutes. The more miners there are attempting to solve the problem, and win the right to the next blocks reward, the more difficult the algorithm makes that problem. Bitcoin is so valuable that many, many miners are trying to get that reward and it is still profitable for them to keep doing it even considering the high electric costs. If there were 5% of the current miners mining bitcoin would still make a block ever 10 minutes. The fact so many people can be mining, using so much power and still make a profit goes to show the strength of BTC not the weakness.

Do not get me wrong I feel BTC is ranked about where it should be but not because of this. They deserve it because they have lost the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto and so far have refused to make changes to get BTC back on coarse. With the long transaction times and high fees BTC can not be considered a useful currency and can not dream of replacing fiat currency for the masses. The algorithm should be changed so it is not mined by expensive ASIC machines, but instead farmed by regular computers owned by everyday people the way it was in the early days. This way a small group of wealthy ASIC farm owners can not have so much control over the coin that was meant to be controlled by the people.

Simon reply_all Ricky January 25, 2018

That is not a strength and if you think it is perhaps you have the wrong idea about crypto

CryptoLiu January 24, 2018

BTS’rating is too low

Gnar January 24, 2018

Bitcoin’s governance = highly decentralized and highly trustless. These are Bitcoin’s most powerful characteristics, unmatched by no other.

Ryan Dean January 24, 2018

Uh, ..NEO below EOS and Cardano.. ?

You guys might want to rejigger your thrombombulators.. Neo’s a gigantic ecosystem giving birth to hundreds of functioning projects which seek to radically alter our world.. and it pays a freaking dividend!

EOS is a utility token and Cardano has resorted to hiring outside developers to get their wallets working so people can withdraw the damned thing.

Hard to take these ratings seriously without real analysts on your team.. Sorry!

Sean reply_all Ryan Dean January 26, 2018

It costs 300k to **deploy** a smart contract on NEO. It’s one of the most expensive networks to use. You need to check the economic viability of your claims before you make them.

ZenTokyo January 24, 2018

Thanks Weiss team for an objective rating.
Truly appreciate the effort because it will help us traders to convey the message to the CEO of Ripple, my most favorite XRP. We deserve fair trade not a very super centralized one please. I am behind the concept of using XRP for global remittance 100%. So maybe we can take it up a notch and make XRP more popular to the members (i.e banks, financial industry) and make them use the coin not just the technology. I am putting all my excess money to XRP every month from here on.
Here’s hoping 🥂

JEAN-MARC WATSON reply_all ZenTokyo January 25, 2018

They already have a number of companies using it.

ANIL RAMRAJ RAJPAL January 24, 2018

Dear Sir, Madam,

We all know that Ripple is having real world use case. I agree as of now its “under heavy centralization” by Ripple.

I understand from Ripple employees that by year end 2018, Ripple will be decentralized. Then i think you need to revisit the rating for Ripple.

I agree with you on your point – ratings are not a science. They are, and always will be, a work in progress.

Kind regards,
Anil Rajpal

H. Yoon January 24, 2018

Your job is very precious, and valuable guideline. Will help a lot of people who invest in the future

Sam January 25, 2018

I can’t believe I’m actually filling out this form but Bitcoin’s downside volatility as been lower than higher rated coins JUST OVER THIS PAST YEAR (e.g. Ethereum) and that’s what you knocked it on in the above paragraph.

No one, who knows literally anything about crypto, would look across the space and see anything else as less risky than Bitcoin. Perhaps with less potential upside (at certainly higher risk), but there is no definition of risk that involves cryptocurrency where Bitcoin is not the “safest” bet. And now you’re being mocked now even by people who strongly dislike Bitcoin and who will financially benefit by it being replaced.

I can’t take this seriously. You can have all the legitimate criticisms you want to make (such as whether being slow to upgrade is a feature or a hinderance) but you cannot in good conscience list ANY other cryptocurrency as less risky.

Good luck on turning this attempt at ratings around as losing legitimacy will not benefit you in the long run.

Chris January 25, 2018

Stand strong, the only people that are upset are hired shills from the Whales of the coins you just rated honestly…

Max January 25, 2018

The fact that you are calling XRP Ripple indicate how clueless you are; A for fundamentals lol.

“Bitcoin’s weaknesses in governance”, what part of censorship resistance didn’t you get ? Most other cryptos can go to 0 if a government arrests devs or if there is a contentious hardfork.

ssb January 25, 2018

How much research was actually done on NEM by your teams? NEM seems to tick all your boxes – adoption, robust technology, security, decentralized and centralized hybrid blockchain, ability to have smart assets off chain. governance, scalability and no energy used to “mine” (harvest). In excess of 4000 tps (faster than Visa and Mastercard) on Mijin catapult release.

Stefan Kerschbaumer January 25, 2018

Why didn’t you rate IOTA? You have announced it. I think many many people would be interested.
Or maybe you cannot rate it because there would be a A, and the Blockchain-Community would not accept it?

Thank you for your information

Sheri January 25, 2018

Bitcoin Cash deserves a much higher rating. It will be able to do everything Bitcoin and ETH can when op codes are enabled later this year. It is bitcoin that scales with everything ETH can do.

Leyla Ek January 25, 2018

Lightning will address scalability, but how in the world is BTC’s governance poor?

Decentralized, trustless, and has overcome more obstacles and attacks than all other coins combined.

GGL January 25, 2018

Wy did you leave out relatively popular coins like Tron (TRX) and Cindicator (CND)?

Andre January 25, 2018

Dear Sirs or madam,

why is there no “IOTA” Rating, one of the TOP10 CC worldwide? Because it´s a “token” instead of a “coin”?

One can´t just ignore the fact that it´s the future (Blockchain 3.0 aka DAG) and also that the largest automotive company in the World Volkswagen is joining IOTA Foundation and put their CDO (former Mercedes and Apple) in the supervisory board as like BOSCH, which holds together with german car-brands the #1 Place in autonomous driving patenting (TESLA relies on BOSCH), also of beeing one of the biggest IoT Players with a brand new build Campus for IoT. Those are the biggest Partners and real life adoption in any usecase EVER to happen in Crypto.

How possibly can such an future investment be ignored? Because still in its infancy, it´s at least worth of mentioning and a clear “hold” for early investers! Actually, a sleeping Giant till it matures.


Duke67 January 25, 2018

Ripple – repeated price crashes?? What you are talking about?

Have you actually seen XRP chart over last year? Do you know how to switch your chart to log scale? I believe not, because you would see XRP price constantly rising in 2 major legs up so far and it’s holding very well.

The so called centralization allowed Ripple to grow it’s software quickly to an outstanding piece of technology. Without a clear leadership Ripple would have to mature extremely slowly – exactly as Bitcoin is actually lagging, fighting for minor technology/terminology/philosophical issues in chaotic series of forks.

Expect MUCH more from Ripple in near future.

David Hirschfeld January 25, 2018

May you please elaborate why you excluded IOTA even though it ranks in the TOP 20?
You did announce to publish a rating for this currency as well as far as I remember.

crabbit January 25, 2018

Of course Dogecoin has a higher usage than other coins, they are given away free in numerous faucets,
As for your comments and rating of Ripple, one of best innovation’s since the web. May I suggest that you pay a visit to Ripple’s website and read what a great team they have and which institutions they already have onboard

Steve Lincoln January 25, 2018

This is a very useful space for both Crypto Investors and Crypto Enthusiasts alike! While right at this moment, I personally feel these ratings should be taken with a grain of salt, I feel that by about Q3 maybe Q4 we should be able to believe in these ratings a bit more. As stated by the Weiss team, it is still a work in progress and this is all still *fairly new. After more information comes out, prices stabilize a bit more, adoption grows, and many of these somewhat newer currencies have the chance to establish themselves a bit more, this website should deserve the #1 spot for your bookmarked websites when it comes to information on Crypto Currencies.
Thank you for your work here Weiss Ratings Team!

Peter Adams January 25, 2018

Your ratings are seriously flawed. Ripple has groundbreaking technology products, an expanding big business client base and will be a major part of the global payments sector. To score it a C is a disgrace and makes a mockery of your whole review. Being Centralized has nothing to do with with being a leader in it’s technological field and I think you should review your score accordingly.


Peter Adams

Robert Haddad January 25, 2018

Dear Weiss Team,

Thank you very much for the ratings. I for one believe that the ratings you’ve given at the current time and climate in the cryptosphere are quite fare and maybe even generous on a couple of the coins rated so far. I would love to see how these metrics are calculated so we can better see the rational behind all of the ratings to better make more informed decisions when investing in different coins. I look forward to seeing more ratings on the rest of the coins out there.

Great job and thank you,


Najy Cherabieh January 25, 2018

As a General Manager of a major media organization, and personal investor in new technologies, we feature in depth analysis on our media of crypto currencies and the tech behind them and potential for case uses and growth.
While we agree with most of your rankings for most crypto currencies, we strongly believe you have made a grave misjudgment on XRP, as all factors considered, this is the only coin that does not belong in the pack and could actually end up being the game changer.
It is my personal and educated view that this mistake with XRP rating not being the highest of all coins will be the one this first report will always be remembered for.

Chris Barnett January 25, 2018

Concerning EOS (And possibly other cryptos)

The technology fundamentals maybe OK, but I don’t think you’ve looked at the legalities side of things deeply enough. Legally the EOS tokens are worthless.

I don’t think EOS is worthy of it’s rating for that reason. One day if their project has their tokens on their own network and they are actually being used for something, that would be a different matter.

Vladimir January 25, 2018

It just don’t work to put traditional ratings on revolutionary technology. You should called it Beta…
Looking forward future explanations on your competency, once ratings are proved wrong.
Your image might be the cost of your will to take a piece of the the pie!

Lee B January 25, 2018

Verge from a technical standpoint is vulnerable to data leaks your Analysis team need to take a closer look. Privacy find it does not provide privacy is severely impaired .

Thomas January 25, 2018

I’m sorry but from your evaluations on Ripple it is understood that you have done things too quickly without obligation. The qualities that distinguish Ripple from other cryptocurrencies are reliability, speed, 55 billion guarantee. they are features that has no cryptocurrency. so he deservedly earned a B +

Zarnio January 25, 2018

Ripple is not centralized.

sarah hunt January 25, 2018

Why has Iota been missed out completely? Given it’s market position and potential this seems like a huge omission.

Peter Michaels January 25, 2018

You giving Ripple ( which is now being adopted by 100+ banks, is being used by MoneyGram and has actual real world use) the SAME rating as Dogecoin, which is a meme coin literally based off of a Shiba Inu shows that you should have never actually released grades for any coins or tokens in the first place. This is the equivalent of giving Yahoo and Google the same scores because they are both internet based companies – Not to mention that Ripple is more decentralized than Bitcoin at the moment and will continue to be so as Ripples Nodes are taken off of the network.

It would have also helped if you checked WHY Ripple has repeated price crashes, not to mention the Coinmarketcap fiasco, the “ban” in south korea as well as the China “mining ban” which all took place within 10 days of each other. Ripple receives an enormous amount of hate in the community because its the only coin that serves a purpose and this annoys Bitcoin fans.

You have once again caused irrational panic within the markets and at this point should just stick to rating companies and funds, because you, like world leaders and politicians who have stated that “Bitchain is dying” have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Mark Reyman January 25, 2018

Especially projects which tackle a real world problem should stand out among all the quick-buck and literally useless ones.

Here to mention especially some better known ones such as Factom and Storj, but as well less known ones such as SHIFT. I think all the topics around storage, data processing, and web are becoming increasingly important as these are particularly suitable areas for the blockchain technology.

Crypto Couple January 25, 2018

Hi Weiss Ratings Team,

we would like to respectfully express some criticism on your ratings.
We’re absolutely interested, the market needs a good rating, but right now it doesn’t help us enough. It needs refining.
There are several examples, but the Ripple/Dogecoin comparison everyone speaks of is the most clear.
Why we think you are mistake with your criteria? With Ripple/XRP you hold “being a company” against this token. Yet, you also measure on “governance”. The beauty of this token for us as investors is the governance. Compared to coins that have a few young cowboys deciding, and governance is quite uncertain, Ripple has a big team of very knowledgeable and experienced people. If you hold Ripple against crypto purists standards, sure. But isn’t this about helping us investors make decisions?
And by the way, we know our tokens, decentralization is in process, but not finished yet, true. But if you look from an investors perspective: it’s WAY safer to have good governance. You of all would know that. If that is the measure for your stock ratings, then is EVERY company therefor a risk because there is strong management? Not in our book.
We understand you have to start a new rating somewhere. But to rate Ripple a C, just like so many small coins. Dogecoin is the example everyone mentions. Lets talk about that one, because we actually own that one too. Dogecoin was a joke coin, WITHOUT use case, the creators have been completely honest online about how they haven’t even updated their technology for 2 years.
As I said, we hold both tokens, but Ripple is an investment, Dogecoin is for fun. A good ratings system should automatically show a difference between the two.
We were considering subscribing, but if the ratings aren’t improved beyond these first time mistakes, it will not help us with our investment strategy. Because we want to know the difference between a solid use case and a project of a couple of kids.
And that’s too bad. The crypto market really need this rating, but right now, sorry to say, but it’s still flawed.
We do appreciate the effort and hope that Weiss corrects these mistakes by making the measures more refined. There should be a difference in rating a “Ripple” versus a “Dogecoin”, otherwise we still risk making big investing mistakes.
Maybe the first was to shake things up?
We will hold off on judgement for now and will follow this 😉

Kind regards, keep up the work and make it better.
Conclusion: the ratings need at least “finetuning”. It’s too rough right now.

Kind regards,
a couple of friendly investors (holding 14 tokens)

Andrew January 25, 2018

“Bitcoin’s weaknesses in governance, energy consumption”
Energy consumption should not be viewed negatively. It’s required and is the cost of high security. It is not a weakness but a strength! You do not understand this fully yet, you should seriously reconsider the “energy” claim which has been promulgated due to lack of knowledge and understanding

Justin January 25, 2018

I think you’ll find that XRP the coin is decentralized. If Ripple went out of business tomorrow, the coin would still be there. Also for every two validator nodes a ripple node gets replaced. It’s not heavily centralised as you put it. Additionally 50Billion coins are in escrow and so out of the controls of Ripple who can only release 1 Billion a month.

Have you looked at the way Ripple and XRP are set up? Is this a case of another one of these scenarios.

Simbad January 25, 2018

Buenas tardes, te queria comentar que tu explicación no es convincente, habia mucha expectación y esperábamos algo mas de profesionalidad en el detalle del informe que sin lugar a dudas hace aguas por muchos lados como ya te han comentado varias personas, sobretodo te recomendaria que volvieras a revisar los puntos que has detallado referente al XRP porque NO es correcto.
Estaria bien que rectificaras aunque el daño ya lo has hecho, pero de verdad te lo digo si quieres que tu analisis tenga alguna credibilidad de cara el futuro, rectificar es de sabios.
Un saludo cordial.

Kay January 25, 2018

How about your company rating?
Is Weiss good company??
I never heard before. How many people working in your company? 3?? 4??
Who are you to judge others ‘ grades? What is your grade?

Did you want to be popular?

Cryptoinvestor January 27, 2018

Thank you for starting to evaluate cryptocurrencies!

Unutuku January 27, 2018

It is true that Bitcoin is volatile, but it is less volatile than most other coins. What I find so perplexing is that EOS is given the same rating as Ethereum, even though EOS doesn’t even exist yet. They are incorporated in the cayman islands for christ stake. They state on their website that EOS tokes “do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features on the EOS Platform.”

How can EOS possibly have a higher rating than bitcoin, the most widely adopted, used, valuable, and innovative blockchain? The amount of research, innovation and development in bitcoin is greater than any other blockchain project.

Lebron James January 28, 2018

What exactly is the usage to any of these coins unless you can use them on a day to day basis? This is all pump and dump talk by your “analysis”. Let me know which coin I can buy day to day products with? That’s your risk/reward/fundamentals.

Vinh January 31, 2018

What is the reasoning for which crypto get selected for evaluation and others don’t?