Ratings Rants and Raves

Martin Weiss

It never ceases to amaze me just how passionate some crypto enthusiasts can get.

I kind of expect it when we give a disappointing grade to a coin they love. Like Bitcoin’s C+, for example.

But it seems the fury can be equally intense when we give a good grade to a coin they hate.

In fact, that’s what we just saw happen this weekend with another explosion of buzz on the Internet about the Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings. This time all about NEO.

Suddenly, investors start moving big money. Suddenly, thousands of bloggers curse, praise, cajole, demand. Instantly, we’re bombarded with questions. Our blog, Twitter, email, phone.

My short answer: Attend our emergency conference on Wednesday at 2PM Eastern. We will talk about it then — in the right context. (If you’re already registered, great. If not, sign up here. Tomorrow’s the deadline.)

In the meantime, let me remind you of some important caveats:

Caveat 1 is about change. The pace of data and news in the crypto world is fast; in the crypto investor market, even faster.

So don’t be surprised if our grades change frequently. And don’t overreact when they do. It could be temporary.

Caveat 2 follows on the heels of the first: Outdated Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings have little more than historical value.

Folks who act on old stuff could wind up in deep doodoo, buying when they should be selling, or vice-versa.

Caveat 3 don’t trust “second-hand” Weiss Ratings. I know folks like to share with friends and family.

But we’ve lost count of the number of false or doctored ratings (supposedly ours) that have been passed around the Internet.

It seems some folks (dear reader excluded) are willing to do almost anything to goose up buying frenzy in a coin they love … or trigger a selling panic in a coin they hate.

Like UFC matches without a referee. Or like the Golden Gloves where my Dad boxed as a lightweight. (That was 1924.)

Here’s the thing.

Most people don’t get this fired up about something for nothing.

It’s for money. And the stakes are big.

For investors, that’s actually a good sign. It means that the opportunities in cryptocurrency trading are not bogus or trumped up. They are real. There are indeed massive profits being made daily.

Ditto for losses.

I hope this gives a better understanding of why we started on this cryptocurrency ratings journey in the first place.

We’d like to see our ratings help inject some sanity into market. And we’d like to see investors learn how to make more money with less risk.

Not sure if we’ve gotten very far with the first goal. That’s obviously going to take time.

But we’re definitely ready to kick off the second goal. That’s the main agenda for Wednesday.

Looking forward to seeing you there.



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yunhe bao February 27, 2018

i dont know why people would be upset about NEO getting a good rating other than the fact that they sold off too early or missed the boat altogether. neo is awsome and it deserves the A

Alessandro Lopeez February 28, 2018

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Sarma February 28, 2018

Hi Martin,

I attended the full briefing today(Wed Feb 28).
I enjoyed the discussion thoroughly.
I’m seriously considering subscribing to the weekly ratings updates!

So, .. ..
What is the Charter Membership?

How much does it cost?
(I hope it’s not a case of — if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it)

P.S: I. Only see the link to your ratings – https://orders.weissratings.com/wcy-crypto-ratings/EWCYU100/index.htm?pageNumber=2
P.S: To blunt the criticism from Crypto-fans, let the folks contesting your C+ rating of Bitcoin upload a “rebuttal youtube video link” on your website.

PAUL WILLIAMS March 4, 2018


The entire NEO network stopped working due to what was described by their senior R&D manager as an edge case, when in fact what he described was a fundamental principal of a Byzantine fault tolerant system…… The Byzantine General’s Problem. Total incompetence is the only way to describe this.

And you gave this coin an A rating for investment ……
I presume someone at Weiss read the source code as part of the “due diligence” ….right ?

Amadeo Brands March 5, 2018

NEO is not progressing I did watch this project for a long time now and got in when it was still ANT … I did some deeper code checks and do not see that much fundamental progression on the project at all. The listed 4 fundamental points are not correct at all and would love to debate this if your open to this.

@Juan would like to hear why you put NEO as only project with an A+
The listed 4 points are just not correct and wrong at this moment in time NEO is still a central controlled crypto and they can not even pull that off well …

This article list my points of concern well: http://storeofvalueblog.com/posts/neos-secret-scaling-issues/